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Capture multi-channel communications through a single funnel.

Multi-channel capture provides organisations with a single funnel for handling inbound communications - whether they’re physical or digital.

Coupled with powerful automation, extraction and verification technologies, integrating multi-channel capture into existing workflows allows for more efficient process flows.

Utilising technology to increase efficiency.

  • One powerful platform

    One single platform that handles all inbound communications - whether they’re digital or physical.

  • Set business rules

    Set up business rules that determine how exactly information is captured from your inbound communications.

  • Automated classification

    Automatically classify what type of document has been received from your customers.

  • Automated verification

    Automatically extract and verify the data needed from documents received.

  • Workflows integration

    Easily integrate with existing workflows and core systems.

Transform your inbound capture process.

  • Reduced cost to serve

    With only one process to manage, you can reduced cost to serve allowing your organisation to be more competitive.

  • Faster capture process

    Multi-channel capture dramatically speeds up the process of submitting information, which in turn leads to a faster response to customers.

  • Meet your targets

    With automation, capturing becomes more efficient and helps organisations meet their targets.

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