Highly regulated Insurance broker with over 150,000 customers in the UK.  Brightside offer a white label insurance service tailored to the customers brand and specialise in car, van and sports insurance.


  • Document production was very manual, different letterheads & envelopes for each brand - very expensive
  • 100% mail 10% email – duplication of cost, separate process and confusing to customer
  • Inbound processing manual and time consuming –delays cause risk and unnecessary customer interactions
  • Too many manual processes – unable to scale efficiently
  • All initiatives require a 12 month ROI


  • Simplify and automate the outbound comms. process
  • Migrate to a compliant digital solution
  • Implement robotics to automate manual repetitive tasks
  • Automate inbound capture, data extraction and organisation

Benefits – to date

  • Single production process for all mail– reduce cost, improve experience
  • Compliant and auditable proof of delivery, with next best action
  • Robotics implemented on key manual processes –program to add new processes on an ongoing basis
  • Return mail management – auditable, efficient process