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Our background

Unifying inbound and outbound communications.

CX Insights was initialised by DocCentrics and Data Capture Solutions.

Data Capture Solutions offer a suite of automated document process and inbound solutions to scan, archive, sort and distribute repetitive, rule based processes. DocCentrics specialise in outbound communications - efficiently delivering personalised, compliant communications that help build stronger relationships with your customers.

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Why now?

Your customers expect you to be there - whenever they are.

Traditionally, we sent out letters and talked to our customers face-to-face. Today however, customers call for organisations to be available at any time through any channel they choose.

As technology develops and customer expectations rise, our mission is to help organisations digitise and centralise their inbound and outbound communications to not only meet customer expectations - but go beyond them.

Customer experience is every single interaction between an organisation and a customer.

CX Insights brings together organisational silos by mapping out interactions, unifying technology systems and streamlining workflows so that organisations can deliver enhanced customer experiences everyday.

Looking to enhance your customer experiences?

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